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ミレニアム(ドラゴンタトゥーの女)ウォーキングツア – Millennium walking tour

Millenium walking tour, Stockholm, Sweden本来は、この名前のツアーがあってWebで申し込むとガイドさんが案内してくれるのですが、今回はインフォメーションセンターで地図を購入(40SEK)、それにそって自分で歩いてみました。
Millennium Stockholm Map

  1. Mikael Blomkvists home
  2. Monteliusvägen – one of Stockholm’s most beautiful views
  3. Lisbeth’s original apartment on Lundagatan
  4. Mellqvist Coffee Bar – Mikael Blomkvist’s hangout. Here is where Lisbeth Salander asks him to lend her money for an important “investment”
  5. Adat Jisrael Synagogue – Detective Inspector Jan Bublanski is an active member of the synagogue and has a meeting here with Dragan Armanskij
  6. Millennium’s editorial office
  7. 7-Eleven – Lisbeth Salander often shops here after buying her new apartment.
  8. The pub Kvarnen – On Tuesday night, Lisbeth Salander meets the girls in the rock band Evil Fingers at Kvarnen. Mikael Blomkvist and his colleagues at Millennium also come here.
  9. Lisbeth’s new apartment
  10. Mosebacke – On the way back to her apartment on Fiskargatan after her trip abroad, Lisbeth Salander walks across Mosebacke Square past Nils Sjögren’s statue “The Sisters”.


  1. Lisbeth’s legal guardian Nils Bjurman’s apartment
  2. Nils Bjurman’s office


  1. Police Headquarters – Detective Inspector Jan Bublanski and police officers Sonja Modig and Hans Faste work here
  2. Rådhuset  – This is the location of the Stockholm Distict Courthouse where Mikael Blomkvist is convicted of slander against Hans-Erik Wennerström.
  3. Monica Figuerola’s apartment – Monica Figuerola lives somewhere on this street in a two-room apartment.
  4. Norr Mälarstrand – In the film, Monica jogs along this side of the water.

Millennium Tour

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